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With this year’s Summer Fete necessarily cancelled, professional photographer and parishioner Mike Jones has sent a selection of pictures taken at last year’s event to brighten these worrying times. Mike has used a ‘water colour’ effect to transform everyone pictured here into works of Art!            …. Read More
Some members of our Children’s Liturgy Group have been creatively drawing. Colouring and painting. The pictures remind us to look upwards, be optimistic and to show our gratitude to the NHS and all the essential workers who are helping us through these unusual days. The children also acknowledge the commemoration of VE Day and the debt of gratitude we owe to those who lived and died for us in the war years. Thank you, Carmen, Cecilia,…. Read More
Young parishioner Dylan expresses in poetry what he is missing at the moment. He captures his memories and creates a hopeful message for us all.…. Read More
St Mary’s Church rainbow tribute to the NHS and keyworkers, keeping us all going during these unprecedented times.…. Read More
The roses in the Priest’s House Garden are now bursting with colour. During these days when only Fr John permitted to enter the church, he regularly places a bloom by the statue of Our Lady in St Mary’s on behalf of us all. …. Read More
Parishioner and professional photographer Mike Jones has captured the beauty of the Priest’s House garden at St Mary’s with these four stunning pictures. By using a filter, he re-imagined the tranquillity of the garden as if it had been painted in watercolours. …. Read More
Parishioners Terry and Barrie shared this cheerful, optimistic picture their thoughtful grandchildren made for them: Henry and Stanley fixed their rainbow of hope onto Nana and Pop’s shed at the allotment as a surprise. We may not be allowed to hug or get close to our grandchildren these days, but the rainbow made us happy!…. Read More
Photographer Michael Jones has captured pictures of Springtime emerging at Harvington. The daffodils have pushed their way through the darkness of the earth and are putting on a cheerful display all around St Mary’s.…. Read More
  Please click on each tile to enlarge.…. Read More
Photographer Mike Jones has captured the beauty of St Mary’s Church in the winter evening light.  …. Read More
The feast of the Epiphany, which was kept in the East and in certain Western Churches before being   observed in Rome, seems to have been originally a feast of the nativity; January 6, for those churches where it was kept, was the equivalent of Christmas (December 25) in the    Roman Church.  The feast was introduced at Rome in the second half of the sixth century and became the complement and, so to say, the crown…. Read More
The Annual Pilgrimage Mass Once a year, on the first Sunday of September, Harvington receives several hundred pilgrims and priests from parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Birmingham. The 2019 Pilgrimage was on Sunday 1st September The four martyrs especially venerated at Harvington, who worked at various times in the area, are: St John Wall – hung, drawn and quartered at Red Hill, Worcester on 2 August 1679, and canonized in 1970; St Nicholas Owen –…. Read More