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July 2021  


On 19th July, the current legislative powers which assist the mitigations against the covid-19 virus transmission will be rescinded by HM Government. Nevertheless, there will be an encouragement to personal and corporate responsibility in this area; as the Prime Minister said in his most recent statement “The pandemic is not over.” Even without this legislation in place, the Church in England and Wales will be adopting a cautious approach to capacity and activity within our buildings, especially at corporate acts of worship.

                 Taken from the statement from the Catholic Bishops of England 16.07.21


At St Mary’s the rule change about social distancing means we can reopen all the pews inside church and invite people to attend Mass without having to book in advance. Good scientific evidence suggests spread of the virus mainly happens indoors where people are close together, so we ask that no more than four people sit in a pew.  When indoors, you are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering to protect others by reducing the spread of droplets from coughs, sneezes and speaking. When you come to an outdoor Mass in the fresh air of the garden, wearing a face covering is a matter of personal choice and responsibility. For the time being we will still collect names and contact details for track and trace reasons. This data is held for a limited time and then destroyed.

Your cooperation is appreciated.


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