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Welcome to
St Mary’s
Catholic Church, Harvington

Shrine of St John Wall and the English Martyrs.



September 17/20- Weekly Update | A.B. Daley Community School

11th January 2021

Following the most recent instructions from HM Government and their Medical Advisers regarding the serious and increasingly rapid  spread of the Covid virus, the decision has been taken to close St Mary’s for public Masses for the time being. 

When the Covid virus statistics show appropriate improvement, the church will reopen and Masses said in public will resume. In the meantime, Fr John will say daily Mass privately for requested intentions. Funeral services will take place when needed.

For enquires please refer to the ‘Contact Us’ tab on this website.


Mass Times

Please refer to the most recent newsletter on this website.

Preparation and reception of sacraments

For more information about the preparation and receipt of sacraments please contact the Parish Priest.