St Marys Church Harvington
St Mary's Church, Harvington welcomes visitors throughout the year, many of whom are visiting the adjacent Harvington Hall with its lifelong Catholic associations.
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During the reformation Priests continued to celebate Mass at the Hall and the hiding holes that were used to shelter the Priests during that time still remain and are available for visitors to see.

It is interesting to note that Mass has been celebrated on this site continually from before the Reformation until the present day.

Visitors to the Hall will also have heard mention of St Nicholas Owen and St John Wall both of whom had associations with Harvington.  Statues of both Saints, sculptured by a local parishioner, Gabrielle Mercer, are placed on the right hand wall inside St Mary's church.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our church, and that you will return, or even come to one of our services.

Rt Rev Mgr Canon John Moran